B12 Vitamin Forte Shot

B12 Vitamin Forte Shot
B12 Vitamin Forte Shot

B12 Vitamin Forte Shot

What's in it?
Vitamin B12 Co-methylcobalamin 10mg
Best For:
  • May help use fat and carbohydrates for energy
  • May help make new protein
  • May help with mental stress, depression, and anxiety

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an interesting one for many reasons. There are many ailments it can assist in relieving, often in combination with other ingredients, and also many health improvements it can assist in optimising.

It can at times be difficult to obtain enough B12 through diet/oral supplements and the gastrointestinal tract, and we need to consider whether we are getting the best form of B12 as well (which can vary depending on whether it is taken orally or via IM shot).

Vitamin B12 can help your body use fat and carbohydrates for energy and make new protein. It is also important for developing and maintaining healthy blood cells and nerve cells, and helps in the production of DNA and RNA.

It’s also likened to “brain food”, which can help prevent and reduce degradation of brain volume.

High stress levels, and the link between depression and anxiety, are all things we could do without. Vitamin B12 has been clearly found to also help here too.

Please note: There is currently no way for us to intravenously deliver Vitamin B12 with IV infusion drip therapy. However, Vitamin B12 can certainly be administered by intramuscular IM injection shots, which we also provide. 

For this, there are two options:

  •  MEGA B Complex Shot
  •  B12 Vitamin Forte Shot (which is detailed on this very page you are reading)

Please note the dose in our B12 Vitamin Forte Shot (detailed on this very page you are reading) is usually too high a dose for most people, and is reserved for cases of considerably more severe B12 deficiency. It should be noted that too high a dose of B12 can have adverse effects.

Please consider: The MEGA B Complex Shot is far more often the best option of the two. One of the many reasons we require an Initial Consultation is to determine the best option specifically for you.

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