Binding and Chelation

Binding and Chelation
Binding and Chelation

Binding and Chelation

EDTA Special Blend

What's in it?
Sodium Ascorbate 5g Electrolyte Solution (Up to approximately ≈ 1 Litre. Approximation is due to mixing additional ingredients for IV Infusion) Disodium Edetate 3g
Best For:
  • Can help drain the body of "heavy metals" and reduce related toxicity
  • Can help boost immunity
  • Can help relieve the negative effects of radiation or chemotherapy

Widely known as Chelation Therapy, we use a slightly different formulation we see as more beneficial than just using synthesised ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) alone.

We use a combination of Disodium Edetate formulated with a good hit of Sodium Ascorbate (5 grams of it). Being a kind of Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbate in addition to Disodium Edetate delivered into the bloodstream can have a range of benefits, among them being a boost to immunity.

Why Would You Do It

While it may sound like something only tied to rare circumstances of accidental poisoning, heavy metals in the body can be more common than thought. If you have mercury fillings (or amalgam fillings) in your teeth, eat farm-raised fish regularly, consume foods that are grown in foreign countries that are not certified organic, or are healing from radiation and chemotherapy treatments, then it is possible you may be experiencing heavy metal toxicity right now to some degree.

How Does it Work

Delivered intravenously into the body, the formulation seeks out and binds to minerals in your bloodstream. Once the medication binds to the minerals, it creates a compound that leaves your body in your urine.

This process removes “Heavy Metals” and “Toxins” from the body which may include lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium.

Let’s Be Honest

This is widely considered alternative or complementary medicine.

We primarily offer this treatment to people who have undergone and completed radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Sure, there have been many claims and studies conducted into its beneficial effects on cardiovascular/heart health, including this massive study consisting of a placebo-controlled, double-blind design that included 1,708 participants aged 50 years and older with a prior heart attack also known as TACT. The findings of this study concluded that while improvements to heart health were found in specific people often with multiple health ailments, with regards to the overall results of the study: “These results are not, by themselves, sufficient to support the routine use of chelation as post-heart attack therapy.” (source:

You must consult your doctor prior to receiving this treatment.


Treatment Price:

Consultation for any infusion: $100.00

For patients with a valid Medicare card, we provide the medication.
Mini Infusion – 500 mg: Approx. $350*
Mega Infusion – 1000 mg: Approx. $550*

Patients with no valid Medicare have to bring the medication themselves which can be purchased from the chemist.
Mini Infusion – 500 mg: Approx. $550*
Mega Infusion – 1000 mg: Approx. $750*

Other infusions: Approx. $500*

Conditions apply: In consideration of a number of factors, one being the advice of your prescribing doctor, the dosages listed may not be in fact what you will be provided. An alteration to the listed ingredients may attract a different price. These prices may change without notice.

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