Folic Acid Shot

Folic Acid Shot
Folic Acid Shot

Folic Acid Shot

What's in it?
Folic Acid 15mg (a form of Vitamin B9) Disodium Edetate 2mg
Best For:
  • May Help Increase Fertility in Aspiring Soon-to-be-Mothers
  • May Help Aspiring Soon-to-be-Mothers Get and Stay Pregnant
  • May Help Enable the Best Developmental Conditions for your Baby to Develop Well

Please note: We offer a Folic Acid IV Infusion treatment, which may be more potent and beneficial in general.

We also offer Folic Acid as an intramuscular (IM) injection (also known as a Shot) for a variety of reasons. Among which may include the instruction of your prescribing Medical Doctor or Fertility Specialist. Or as another example, it may quite simply be that you are short of time, and you prefer to have a quick Shot and be one your way, rather than spend the time required for an IV Infusion Treatment.

Please also note: The formulation for a Folic Acid Shot is different to that of the Folic Acid IV Infusion Treatment. Primarily that each Folic Acid Shot contains only Folic Acid 15mg and Disodium Edetate 2mg, yet not the Electrolyte Solution present in the standard Folic Acid IV Infusion Treatment. Furthermore, since an intramuscular Shot is delivered differently into the body, its effects may manifest differently.

More information about the Folic Acid IV Infusion Treatment is available by tapping here 🙂

Please Note: We do not offer treatment to women who are pregnant.

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