M.E.G.A. Vitamin C Infusion

M.E.G.A. Vitamin C Infusion
M.E.G.A. Vitamin C Infusion

M.E.G.A. Vitamin C Infusion

What's in it?
Electrolyte Solution (Almost 1 Litre. This is due to mixing additional ingredients for IV Infusion in a 1 Litre sized IV bag.) 15,000mg to 30,000mg Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate (equivalent to 15 to 30 grams Vitamin C)
Best For:
  • May Stimulate an Ultra Boost in Immunity
  • May Stimulate an Ultra Boost in Recovery
M.E.G.A. = Mega Extreme Gargantuan Assault

We’re talking up to 30,000mg (yes, that’s the equivalent of 30 grams) of Vitamin C infused with an electrolyte solution, delivered IV direct into your bloodstream.

Have You Ever Had “too many” Vitamin C Tablets?

And, if so, did digesting so many of them cause you to experience diarrhea?

Well, if so, Vitamin C intake without it going through the digestive system first, possibly via an IV Infusion Treatment, may alleviate the whole runny stool experience.

Intravenous Versus Digestive Absorption

One of the many factors with taking vitamin pills (or other oral supplements), is they have to run the digestive gauntlet, so to speak. This can complicate how their intended “goodness” is absorbed into our bodies.

Have you ever wondered how much of the vitamin content in a pill is bioavailable, and effectively active in your body? If not, maybe you should.

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Please note: There are two standard serving options available:

  • 15,000mg
  • 30,000mg

However, your doctor may prescribe a different dosage specifically tailored for you.

Example Dosage Consideration: We generally won’t provide a dosage of 25,000mg or more without having first conducted G6PD Deficiency testing, because high dose intravenous vitamin C has also been known to cause haemolysis in people who are G6PD deficiency carriers.


Treatment Price:

Consultation for any infusion: $100.00

For patients with a valid Medicare card, we provide the medication.
Mini Infusion – 500 mg: Approx. $350*
Mega Infusion – 1000 mg: Approx. $550*

Patients with no valid Medicare have to bring the medication themselves which can be purchased from the chemist.
Mini Infusion – 500 mg: Approx. $550*
Mega Infusion – 1000 mg: Approx. $750*

Other infusions: Approx. $500*

Conditions apply: In consideration of a number of factors, one being the advice of your prescribing doctor, the dosages listed may not be in fact what you will be provided. An alteration to the listed ingredients may attract a different price. These prices may change without notice.

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